What are you reading?

Eric Jessup, West Junior High School student, Lawrence

"I'm reading 'Freak the Mighty.' It's about a disabled kid who is 3 feet tall. He meets his friend from preschool who is 6 feet tall, and he carries him around."

Arna Hemenway, Bishop Seabury Academy student, Lawrence

"I'm reading 'The Taggerung' by Brian Jacques. I like its sense of adventure. You can be in a different world."

Mandy Petz, KU student, Lawrence

"I'm looking for books on Hawaii for speech class because I went there over spring break."

Phillip Salcido, KU student, Lawrence

"I read 'Catcher in the Rye' recently. I had read it back in high school. I like the way the author puts the words down on paper."

Margie Collins, school librarian, Lawrence

"I just started 'A Fine Balance.' It's about India. It looked like it was interesting, and I'm interested in learning about other cultures."


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