'Rush' adds gore to the holidays

Saturday, November 30, 2002

Looking for a Christmas movie with plenty of explosions? Dean Cain stars in "Christmas Rush" (7 p.m. Sunday, TBS) as Morgan, a recently dismissed Chicago policeman whose efforts to thwart a Christmas Eve shopping mall heist result in the kidnapping of his wife (Erika Eleniak). "Rush" wastes no time getting to the ultraviolence. There is a bloody shootout and a bombing at a biker's club within the first 15 minutes. Joy to the world!

Eric Roberts seems pretty uncomfortable as Scalzetti, the criminal mastermind behind the big score. This being a Christmas movie, Scalzetti is even given a noble motive for his crime " his son needs expensive cancer surgery. But there's no excuse for blurring the line between Christmas entertainment and pointless screen mayhem.

We not only see what happens, but what Andy would like to have seen happen, what might have happened and what Andy is glad never happened. He also carries on extensive conversations with the ghost of the company's founder, whose brutal 19th-century attitudes give Andy some food for thought.

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