It could be something

New York � At first, Jerry Seinfeld didn't think anyone would want to watch a movie about how he comes up with his ideas.

He'll soon find out.

"Comedian," due out next month, chronicles his efforts to build an entirely new act. He was approached with the idea for the film by Christian Charles and Gary Streiner, with whom he has worked on commercials.

"I assured them that this is not a process that anyone would enjoy watching," he told The New York Times. "It's very tedious and very painful and very slow."

He said he became convinced that "Comedian," would be interesting to someone other than fellow comedians when he saw footage from the film about eight or nine months into the project.

Looking for love

New York � Billy Joel says he's looking for someone to spend his life with, and plans to rent an apartment in Manhattan to meet women.

"I'm not going to meet anyone out here," said Joel, 53, who lives in East Hampton, a posh community in nearby Long Island. "The happiest times in my life were when my relationships were going well � when I was in love with someone, and someone was loving me. But in my whole life, I haven't met the person I can sustain a relationship with yet."

He said his success � including a place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame � is little consolation. You can't go home with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame," he said. "You don't sleep with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. You don't get hugged by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and you don't have children with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame."

Everyone's in the picture

Los Angeles � Former Talking Heads frontman David Byrne, who has been exhibiting his quirky photographs for more than a decade, is looking for audience participation in his latest show.

A computer sits at the center of the exhibit at Santa Monica's Track 16 gallery, and visitors can search its hard drive for photos, then print and add them to the exhibit.

Byrne knows it's a risky proposition. "Audience participation can be unpleasant and gimmicky, so it's a tricky kind of balancing act to pull it off," Byrne, 50, said. "When it works, everyone feels more involved in incorporated than ever. When it doesn't, everyone just squirms and feels uncomfortable."

Singer battles brain tumor

Stockholm, Sweden � Marie Fredriksson of the Swedish pop duo Roxette has been diagnosed with a brain tumor.

The small tumor was found after Fredriksson fainted and hit her head against a sink Wednesday at her Stockholm home.

Fredriksson and her partner, Per Gessle, had hits in the late '80s and early '90s including "It Must Have Been Love" from the "Pretty Woman" soundtrack and "The Look."

They'd planned to launch the duo's new single, "A Thing About You," on Oct. 14 and start a European tour later the same month. It was unclear how her illness would affect those plans.


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