Pentagon says Rivera out of Iraq

— Although Geraldo Rivera claimed reports of his demise were premature, the Pentagon said Tuesday that Fox News Channel had agreed to remove him from his posting with U.S troops in Iraq.

Military officials had accused Rivera of disclosing unauthorized information. In the report that aired Monday, Rivera squatted in the desert and outlined military movements in the dirt.

Fox News Channel executives did not return telephone calls seeking comment.

Lt. Col Dave LaPan said that the Pentagon had asked that Rivera be removed "and we are working with (Fox News Channel) to make that happen." He said the network had agreed.

Rivera appeared Tuesday morning in a live shot on Fox News Channel. At the time, he said he was still with the 101st Airborne Division and said nothing about leaving.

"Two of our Patriots (missiles) did impact in the skies right over our base here in the central Iraqi desert," he said. "I won't get any more precise than that, and I won't draw anything in the dirt, except maybe a happy face."

One of Fox News Channel's rivals was quick to go on the attack Tuesday. MSNBC ran an in-house promotion promising viewers that "we will not compromise military security or jeopardize a single American life."

Tim Graham, a spokesman for the Media Research Center, said he considered Rivera a grandstander and wished Fox News Channel hadn't hired him.

"The issue becomes, if they assent to him being removed from the war zone, will he accept that, or will he quit?" he asked.


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