New film perfect for nature

At the recent Photo Marketing Assn. International (PMAI) show in Las Vegas, new digital cameras took center stage. But the major players in the 35-mm film arena also showed products that illustrate film and film cameras are still in demand.

Here are a couple of the show's 35-mm highlights:

  • Agfa introduced New Ultra Color 100. The 35-mm film is designed for photographers who want ultra-satruated color prints. The high saturation level of this film makes it well-suited for nature and landscape photography, where a "warm" image (deeper shads of red, yellow and orange) are desirable.
  • Canon introduced the EOS Rebel G II 35-mm SLR (single-lens-reflex) camera that comes with a 38-80-mm lens. The new camera is designed for budget-minded picture-takers and point-and-shoot convenience, as well as some creative control.


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