FX adds 'Lucky' new comedy to schedule

Tuesday, April 8, 2003

The FX network has a royal flush with its new comedy "Lucky" (9 p.m., FX). Set against the neon backdrop of Las Vegas, "Lucky" stars John Corbett ("My Big Fat Greek Wedding") as Michael "Lucky" Linkletter, a former poker champion who quickly squanders his million-dollar prize and finds himself in hock to his hostile in-laws for the cost of his deceased wife's funeral.

"Lucky" has two elements that are missing from most network TV comedies and dramas -- a brash, cinematic style and a main character who is at once funny, seductive and mysterious. For all his swagger, Lucky attracts a cluster of losers to his personal orbit. When his work as a high-pressure used car salesman doesn't produce enough cash, he consults neurotic loan shark Joey Legs (Dan Hedaya) and a wheelchair-bound gangster known as The Trake (Seymour Cassel) because of his tracheotomy and his quaint habit of smoking through a hole in his throat. The scene in which Lucky tries to give The Trake "mouth to mouth" resuscitation using a straw is one of the small pleasures of this series.

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