'Frontline' explores possible war with N. Korea

Will we soon find ourselves at war with North Korea? "Frontline" (8 p.m., check local listings) examines the paranoid, oppressive regime of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il and his determination to produce nuclear weapons.

"Frontline" goes back to 1994 to trace the roots of the current nuclear showdown. After North Korea announced that it would begin reprocessing enough fuel from a nuclear reactor to create six weapons, the Clinton administration went into crisis mode. In an interview, former Defense Secretary William Perry remembers how close the U.S. came to military action. Instead, Clinton's administration negotiated a complicated deal. The North Koreans agreed to shut down their reactor in exchange for oil and the construction of two light water reactors. With little political incentive to live up to the agreement, the U.S. was slow to deliver the promised oil and build the promised reactors. While many fault Clinton's North Korean policy, others criticize President Bush for turning a simmering dispute into a boiling crisis.

Tonight's other highlights

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  • Scheduled on "Primetime" (9 p.m., ABC): inside a battlefield hospital; a May-December murder mystery.
  • "True Life: I'm Shipping Out" (9 p.m., MTV) profiles young soldiers as they prepare for war.

Series notes

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