Film about sex class to play tonight

Monday, April 14, 2003

After coming under fire in recent weeks, Dennis DaileyÂ's human sexuality class will be the topic of a documentary about sexual miseducation tonight.

The film, Sex Miseducation: Problems with Sexuality Education in Our Society, will be shown on Out of Focus, a local film and video showcase at Liberty Hall, 642 Massachusetts St.

"The movie focuses a bit on problems that parents have talking to their children about sex growing up," said Erin Widmer, Topeka senior and the documentaryÂ's director. "If a few more people see it and understand what Dr. Dailey is doing, then I think thatÂ's cool."

Widmer said she would also like to see people open up more and talk about sexuality after seeing the film.

"ItÂ's amazing how uptight people are about talking about sexuality," she said. "ItÂ's important to talk about it."

Chris Martin, Prairie Village senior and film showcase director, approached Widmer about showing the film after DaileyÂ's class came under fire earlier this month. Martin is also the director of a television show called Out of Focus.

Past Event

Sex Miseducation: Problems with Sexuality Education in Our Society

  • Monday, April 14, 2003, 7 p.m.
  • Liberty Hall Cinema, 644 Massachussets Street, Lawrence
  • All ages / $3


"I originally wanted to show it on my television show but it gets somewhat explicit," Martin said. "When I saw that Dennis Dailey was coming under fire, I thought the timing was right to show it in the film showcase."

The documentary looks at three classes taught at the University of Kansas and how sexuality is portrayed in each of those, Widmer said.

"The film goes into classes that are being taught at a college level and how they are trying to fix the problems with the miseducation that people received at a younger age," she said.

The documentary was an independent study project for a theater and film class. Widmer filmed it last fall when she was enrolled in DaileyÂ's class. She said that she thought the filmÂ's showing may help the public to understand more about what is going on in DaileyÂ's class.

"I think the class is so important," she said. "The things I saw in the class were always validated in a way for an educational purpose."

Ten local films and videos are slated to be showcased tomorrow night, Martin said. The selection includes an animated film as well as several with a war theme.