'Forensic Files' uncovers dirt on old crime

I never throw anything out, and it drives my wife crazy. But sometimes it pays to be a packrat. On tonight's "Forensics Files" (8 p.m., Court TV), police find vital evidence in a vacuum cleaner bag kept in storage for 24 years.

The 1962 abduction and murder of 15-year-old Marlene Miller shocked the rural community of Hanford, outside of Fresno, Calif. Police quickly found circumstantial evidence tying nearby farm worker and onetime convicted rapist Booker T. Hillery to the crime scene.

After a jury convicted him of murder and sentenced him to death, Hillery used every appeal at his disposal. In the 1970s, the Supreme Court struck down the death penalty. By the 1980s, a court found that Hillery's grand jury might have been racially prejudiced and ordered a new trial.

Rather than base their case on 24-year-old testimony from witnesses who had long since died, prosecutors decided to take a new look at existing evidence using advanced technology. This is where the old vacuum cleaner bag came in handy. Inside, police found tiny white blobs that they couldn't explain back in 1962. By 1986, experts could identify them as microscopic drops formed when aerosol spray paint clung to fabric. Apparently, Miller's killer left a nearly invisible trail of such globs all over the carpet.

Amazingly, Hanford police still had Hillery's Plymouth in storage. And a quick look at the old heap revealed that someone had tried to redecorate the inside roof of the car using spray paint. Faced with this new evidence, a jury had no trouble re-convicting Hillery.

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