6News video: Screen Scene

Ah, who could forget Jodie Foster and that one lady in the 1976 movie "Freaky Friday," about a prissy mother and her rebellious daughter who magically switch bodies. Not Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan who now star in a remake of the beloved comedy. And it's a spunky remake, that manages to embody the Disney innocence while still sporting a modern, witty edge.

And speaking of memorable projects from the mid-1970s, there's "S.W.A.T." Okay, I'm being sarcastic -- nobody remembers anything about that violent cop show except its groovy theme song. But the $70 million big-screen version attempts to change this through big-name cast members such as Samuel L. Jackson and Colin Farrell, and plenty of gargantuan action sequences. The result is a movie that comes across like a bullet shot from a high-powered rifle -- it's one shiny, noisy and mechanical affair.


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