'Sex' offers fab, but it's fiction

Monday, December 1, 2003

HBO's "Sex and the City" -- with its hilarious romps through pricey shoes, great sex and numerous Mr. Rights -- has created not just millions of fans throughout the world, but an extravagant image of single life in New York. And an inaccurate one, reports ABC News.

Georgette Blau, 29 and single, was inspired to create a three-hour bus tour, playing excerpts from the show and matching them to the actual places where they were filmed.

The tour encompasses as many as 12 different locations in the lives of Carrie Bradshaw -- the fictional, fabulous lead of the show played by Sarah Jessica Parker -- and her three girlfriends. The locations include Carrie's apartment, the stoop out front and the Jimmy Choo boutique where she buys her shoes.

But can a real single woman in New York really afford to live like Carrie?

"In a period of just three months -- and keeping in mind that she makes about $50,000 a year -- she purchased five pairs of Manolo Blahniks and five pairs of Jimmy Choos," says Blau. Jimmy Choos cost up to $1,100 a pair.

Carrie also bought "a $5,900 pocketbook, a $1,200 suit and another $1,200 pocketbook," Blau adds. "This is half of her salary just on these accessories."

Blau and her girlfriends are fans of "Sex and the City." But as single women in New York, they say it's not reality TV.

"I can't see spending $600 on a pair of shoes," says Katie Stewart, a struggling actress. "I'd have to sell my dog to be able to have a pair of shoes. And I think the return's a little better on the dog."