Review: Spy Hunter 2 - PS2, Xbox

Still can't capture that old-time fun...or new-time for that matter

Thursday, December 4, 2003

Some games claim to have all the unique physics, some claim to just blaze through gameplay with no regard to logistics for the sake of fun. Spy Hunter 2 definitely falls within the latter of the two, reviving the arcade feel of the original once again...maybe.


If you thought the first Spy Hunter revival had glitches in gameplay, you'll be disappointed to learn that the game still chunks along due to flawed mechanics. Slight collisions still stop you completely letting your objective get away from you, there is no real control over long range shooting and switching from vehicle to vehicle is completely arbitrary; no element serves any strategic purpose.

There are a couple new vehicles to boot, and a handful of new guns to equip to your interceptor, but nothing wows beyond the normal gunplay.

That being said, there is some value in the open areas that pop up every now and then, creating a deathmatch/Twisted Metal type atmosphere, but with piddly sound effects and hardly any use of detailed particle effects, the experience is less than hearty.

I suppose this might serve as pure mindless fun for a rental, but even then you are bound to be disappointed in the lack of polish.

Graphics: C
Sound: C
First Play: C
Last Play: D-
Gameplay: D-

Overall: 60% D