Letter to the editor :: Gifted Burroughs

Monday, December 8, 2003

To the editor:

Once again, I am wondering if certain members of our local government and our local media are literate. William S. Burroughs is considered by many, including his alma mater, Columbia University, to be one of the most influential and important popular writers of the past century. That a few small minds in Lawrence, a community he so loved, would treat him with such name-calling as recently portrayed in this paper and compare him to a mass murdering terrorist such as Quantrill does not do justice to Burroughs or this community.

More than 25 of Burroughs' books are still in print, are published in many languages around the world and have a far greater influence than this newspaper or the small-minded attitudes of a right-wing radical fringe element in our community. I am saddened that this group's opinion gets so much weight in our paper. I wonder if any of those opposed have really read or can understand Burroughs' valuable gifts to American literature and to our community.

Malcolm Smith,

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