We last saw them...

Frodo: The hobbit with the dire mission of returning the One Ring to Mordor, where he hopes to destroy it, Frodo is back on the path with his ally Samwise. But the burden of the ring -- and the madness it brings -- weighs heavily on him.

Aragorn: One of the lost line of kings, Aragorn is destined to claim the throne of Gondor and performed bravely in the victory over evil forces at Helm's Deep. Those forces threaten all of Middle-earth.

Gollum: Obsessed with the ring he once had and believing Frodo tricked him, Gollum is again leading Frodo and Sam to Mordor. His split personality has returned and the two hobbits are unaware of the mortal danger their guide presents.

Gandalf: The wizard freed the king of Rohan from madness and his last-minute heroics saved Helm's Deep. But he knows the forces of evil are far from finished in their quest to capture Middle-earth.

Sauron: The big fiery eye is still the main player on evil's side, and his war against man isn't over. And Frodo, with the ring Sauron needs to complete his power, is heading his way.


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