Roy'll be home for Christmas

It looks like Siegfried Fischbacher got his Christmas wish.

Earlier this month, the healthy half of illusionist duo Siegfried & Roy said his goal was to bring his partner Roy Horn home for the holidays.

Monday, Fischbacher saw that goal fulfilled -- Horn was released from UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles and transported home to Las Vegas, reports E! Online.

Horn had been hospitalized since his Oct. 3 mauling at the jaws of Montecore, a 300-lb. white tiger who attacked Horn during a performance at the Mirage hotel.

Simon, Garfunkel raise money for Children's Health Fund

New York -- The recently reunited Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel announced another collaboration Tuesday: a joint $1 million donation to The Children's Health Fund.

The singers, who launched a reunion tour earlier this year, made a two-part donation. Half the money will go to CHF's national network for poor and homeless children; the other half will go to a pediatric preparedness program run by CHF at Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health.

Dr. Irwin Redlener and Simon co-founded the Children's Health Fund in 1987 to provide medical help for New York's homeless children. The nonprofit organization has since expanded to cover 16 communities.

Pain barre none

Washington -- Neve Campbell knew she'd be in pain training 8 1/2 hours a day for six months to play a ballerina in "The Company," but she was hurting even before she started.

Campbell dislocated her knee while dropping from a helicopter to snowboard on a glacier in the Canadian Rocky Mountains -- a move she said was "really dumb." Then she broke a rib in training while doing a lift wrong and had to film the whole movie that way.

The film, directed by Robert Altman, takes an in-depth look at a professional dance company. Campbell plays a ballerina whose inner conflicts jeopardize her advancement to a starring role in her dance troupe, which features members of the Joffrey Ballet of Chicago.

Affleck a Red Sox fan, both in fact and film

New York -- Ben Affleck is a loyal Red Sox fan -- and it's no coincidence that his character in the new movie "Paycheck" also roots for Boston.

Affleck's character was supposed to be a New York Mets fan, but the 31-year-old actor said he persuaded director John Woo to change the team to the Red Sox.

Still, it could have been worse.

"I would rather say the lines, 'I worship you, Satan,' than say my favorite baseball team is the New York Yankees," he told reporters recently, according to AP Radio.

"Paycheck," based on a sci-fi story by Philip K. Dick, stars Affleck as a high-tech engineer who allows three years of his memory to be erased after working on a secret project.

The film, which also features actress Uma Thurman, opens in theaters nationwide Thursday.


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