6News video: Screen Scene

Saturday, December 27, 2003

Four holiday movies grace the screens this week, and none bigger than "Cold Mountain." Already amassing eight Golden Globe nominations - whatever that means - this Civil War-era epic concerns the romance between a prim preacher's daughter and a rugged Confederate soldier, and their attempts at trying to reunite during wartime.

Ben Affleck stars in "Paycheck," a sci-fi thriller about a greedy electronics expert who submits to a memory wipe upon completion of his latest project, only to find himself forfeiting his salary and pursued by many gun-toting adversaries.

Steve Martin takes on another dad role in "Cheaper by the Dozen," a comedy about a couple with 12 kids. Bonnie Hunt adds spunk as Martin's wife, and together they deal with the dilemma of putting family before career.

And finally, a new live-action version of "Peter Pan" surfaces, minus the songs and actually featuring a male in the lead role. It also boasts the always menacing Jason Isaacs as the dreaded Captain Hook.