Coldplay show falls into place

Thursday, February 6, 2003

Coldplay took the stage of Memorial Hall on Tuesday and wasted no time with introductions, rolling right into the pulse-pounding "Politik." Outside of the atmospheric music, lead singer/pianist Chris Martin said nothing until after the fourth song. Jokingly addressing the listeners in his rich English accent, he stated, "It just occurred to me that I haven't said hello yet," thanking the patrons for "letting us come to Kansas."

It was clear the members of Coldplay were enjoying themselves; their presence surged with emotion as the sweat gave in to gravity after a half-dozen songs. The notes were clear, with space in between allowing the tunes to breathe.

As a unit, the quartet performed so tight that the notes of each instrument stood independent. Individually, the lead guitar work of Jon Buckland was refreshingly free of distortion. At one point he grabbed a harmonica, blurted out a melody, then flung it into the crowd like a broken drumstick.

Everything seemed to fall into place for this London ensemble, and Coldplay's encore performance of its latest single "In My Place" sent the crowd boiling over in a pot of bliss.