University Theatre to stage 'Dying Gaul'

At the center of University Theatre's production of "The Dying Gaul" is Robert, a gay man forced to compromise his beliefs to succeed.

His lover has recently died of AIDS, and Robert writes a screenplay about the experience. But the high-powered movie mogul who agrees to make the screenplay into a movie will do so only if Robert changes one of the main characters into a female, making it a heterosexual romance.

Robert gives in, betraying himself and his beliefs, and even has an affair with the married executive. When the moviemaker's wife finds out, she begins talking to Robert in an online chat room and eventually poses as his dead lover.

"Relationships become entangled and tension builds throughout the play as the characters come to terms with their inner demons," said director Jennifer Fletcher, a Topeka graduate student in theatre.

The modern American tragedy derives its title from the Greek statue by the same name of a vanquished soldier found at Pergamum. It's also the name of Robert's screenplay, a name which he says is symbolic of the many gay men who have died in their youth.

Cast members include: Evan Grosshans, Lawrence junior; Phillip Vocasek, Dodge City senior; Adrienne Lamping, St. Louis, Mo., senior; and Matt Greer, Tulsa, Okla., junior.

The four-character drama is being staged with a minimalist set at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday-Friday and 2:30 p.m. Feb. 16 in KU's Inge Theatre.

Tickets are $12 for the public, $6 for students and $11 for seniors. They are available at Murphy Hall, 864-3982; the Lied Center, 864-ARTS; the SUA office, 864-SHOW; and online at


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