Clinton to perform with orchestra

Little Rock, Ark. -- Former President Bill Clinton will debut with the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra on the March 25 program "Let Freedom Ring," a celebration of the American spirit that pays tribute to the seven Columbia astronauts.

Clinton will narrate Aaron Copland's "Lincoln Portrait," which includes excerpts from speeches by Abraham Lincoln and the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

The orchestra will perform Gustav Holst's "Jupiter," the fourth movement of Holst's seven-movement suite "The Planets," to honor the astronauts who died when the space shuttle Columbia broke apart before landing Feb. 1.

The one-night-only performance will benefit the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra and the William J. Clinton Presidential Foundation.

'Survivors' showing more skin

New York -- How's this for a selling point? "Survivor" host Jeff Probst said splitting contestants into separate teams of men and women had the unexpected benefit of promoting nudity.

CBS won't be able to show it, of course, when the sixth edition of "Survivor," from the Amazon, debuts Thursday. But a little sexiness never hurt.

"With all the women together, there's no modesty," Probst said Monday in an interview with The Associated Press.

While not physically as strong, he said, the women realized they had certain other advantages in competing against men stuck together for weeks in the tropics -- including the strategic use of a string bikini.

"The women knew they could manipulate them," Probst said, "and the men were ready to be manipulated."

Oprah awarded for mentoring

Philadelphia -- Oprah Winfrey will receive the Marian Anderson Award for her charitable works and her role as a "national mentor," Philadelphia Mayor John F. Street said.

The talk show host is the sixth recipient of the award, named for the late opera singer and Philadelphia native who was the first black performer to sing at the White House.

Street said Monday that Winfrey, who has used her show to promote social causes, also deserves credit for her work funding schools in the United States and South Africa, and for producing entertainment programs with a heavy emphasis on self-improvement. He called her "one of our most important cultural leaders."

'The Dead' shed 'The Other Ones'

San Francisco -- The surviving members of the Grateful Dead, who retired the group's name and dubbed themselves The Other Ones after the death of leader Jerry Garcia, have decided to rename themselves The Dead.

Bassist Phil Lesh, guitarist Bob Weir and drummers Bill Kreutzman and Mickey Hart will inaugurate their new name -- which has served as their unofficial nickname for years -- at a Valentine's Day benefit concert in San Francisco.

"With the greatest possible respect to our collective history, we have decided to keep the name 'Grateful Dead' retired in honor of Jerry's memory, and call ourselves: 'The Dead,"' the band said.

A summer tour for The Dead is likely, said their publicist, Dennis McNally.


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