Fox has 'Joe Millionaire' viewers feeling duped, too

— Viewers were fuming about Fox promotions for "Joe Millionaire" that seemed to promise more than the show delivered.

Evan Marriott didn't make the final choice between would-be loves Sarah and Zora Monday night, although network hints seemed to indicate that he would. Instead, the episode was mostly a recap.

"We got duped. We totally got duped," viewer Cynthia Wiggin of San Carlos said Wednesday. She dismissed the episode as "Total filler. A whole filler night."

Fox said it didn't intend to suggest Marriott would make his decision.

"The payoff was always going to be on Feb. 17," spokesman Scott Grogin said. "It's possible we were a little over the top with our promos and we're sorry if people felt misled."

"Joe Millionaire" itself is built on a lie. The women vying for Marriott's affections think he's worth $50 million when, according to Fox, he really earns $19,000 a year.


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