'Buffy' headed for graveyard

New York -- Stick a stake in it: "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" is done.

After seven years, the series will be over at the end of this season, said its star, Sarah Michelle Gellar.

"'Buffy,' in this incarnation, is over," Gellar told Entertainment Weekly magazine for its March 7 issue.

The series will wrap up with a five-part story, which will include the return of Faith, the bad-girl slayer, and Buffy's first love, Angel.

But the show may come back to life in some form: Its creator, Joss Whedon, is planning a spin-off that may include some "Buffy" cast members.

Letterman takes a sick day

New York -- David Letterman took a rare sick day on Wednesday, staying home from his "Late Show" because of an eye infection.

Actor Bruce Willis was an emergency replacement, called upon to interview Dan Rather about the CBS anchor's interview with Saddam Hussein.

Except for when he missed time following a heart bypass operation, it's the first time Letterman has called in sick in 20 years, a "Late Show" representative said.

"Late Show" will air reruns today and Friday. Next week is a planned "dark" week, when reruns will also air.

Warwick learns a lesson

New York -- Dionne Warwick, who was arrested at an airport last year after authorities found marijuana in her bag, is blaming someone else for putting it there.

"Apparently, somebody that didn't want to get caught thought it would be better off in somebody else's bag," the singer said.

The 62-year-old was arrested in May and charged with a misdemeanor after baggage screeners at Miami International Airport said they found marijuana joints inside an empty lipstick container in her bag. Charges were dropped after Warwick agreed to a plea bargain deal.

The Grammy-winning singer, whose hits include "Do You Know the Way to San Jose," and "Walk On By," says she learned a lesson from the incident: "It taught me not to travel with an open bag."

"You never know what's going to end up in it," she said.

No 'Millionaire' marriage

Radnor, Pa. -- The fairy tale is over, folks. "Joe Millionaire's" winning bachelorette Zora Andrich confirms to TV Guide Online that she and Evan Marriott have broken up.

"We're just friends," the 29-year-old reveals. "I realized almost immediately after the taping of the final episode last November that it wasn't meant to be."

Well, then why did the famous couple give the impression on Monday's "Aftermath" special that they were forging ahead with a relationship?

"I think we were just overwhelmed by the situation," she offers. "I think it was really nice being reunited; we were both genuinely happy to see each other. But there was also some editing done that gave the viewer more hope than there was."

Meanwhile, Fox is planning a "Millionaire" follow-up that poses the question: Is love more than skin deep?

"Mr. Personality" will involve a woman choosing a mate from a group of men, all of whom have their faces disguised. As the program progresses, the single gal ultimately narrows her choice to one man.

At that point, she finally unmasks the guy -- and prays he doesn't look like Marilyn Manson. "Mr. Personality" will debut later this season.


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