Blockbuster performance

Tucson, Ariz. -- Singer Diana Ross said she was trying to rent a video and got lost when she was stopped for allegedly driving under the influence, according a police report.

Tucson Police Officer Scott Sullivan stopped Ross early Monday morning after someone reported that a vehicle was driving south in the northbound lanes of a street in northeastern Tucson.

Sullivan's report, released Tuesday, said Ross, 58, consented to a field sobriety test but fell down and laughed while trying to stand on one leg and count to 10. In another test, it said, she skipped a couple of letters and doubled others when asked to write the alphabet.

Jesse Ventura, road warrior

St. Paul, Minn. -- Gov. Jesse Ventura has a new set of wheels -- big ones.

Less than a week before he returns to private life, Ventura was showing off his new, copper-colored 2003 Hummer Tuesday outside the Capitol. He slid into the driver's seat, cranked up Led Zeppelin on the 10-speaker sound system and promised: "It'll knock your socks off!"

The Hummer is a loaded version of the military Humvee, the squat vehicle often seen on television during the Gulf War. Ventura said he wanted one because "I live in Minnesota -- and I don't want to get stuck."

Ventura leaves the governorship Monday when his successor, Tim Pawlenty, takes the oath of office.

'24' an all-consuming job

Radnor, Pa. -- Kiefer Sutherland's career has been reinvigorated by the Fox show "24" and he knows it.

"Right now, my life revolves around this show," Sutherland told TV Guide for its Jan. 4 issue. "When something like '24' happens, you bow your head and say thank you."

Sutherland, who received an Emmy nomination for his portrayal of government antiterrorism agent Jack Bauer, said he spends as many as 16 hours per day, five days a week on the set of the show, now in its second season.

Friends say Sutherland has always been a hard worker, even when he had a wild image as a younger actor.

"When we did 'Lost Boys,' Kiefer had a 6 a.m. makeup call," said director Joel Schumacher, who has worked with Sutherland on four films. "He'd party until 4, drive to Warner Bros., park his car next to the security guard's gate and ask the guard to wake him at 6."

A 'Jackass' stunt

Jack Ass says "Jackass" has given him a bad name.

The Montana man who legally changed his name to Jack Ass in 1997 has sued media giant Viacom Inc. for at least $10 million, alleging its stunt-heavy, gross-out TV show and movie "Jackass" defamed him.

The electric-power lineman said he changed his name from Bob Craft in late 1997 as part of a personal crusade against drunken driving after his brother and a friend were killed in a car crash. He's representing himself in the suit, which was filed in November in Montana and posted this week on a law-related Web site.

"Jackass" ran on MTV in 2000 and 2001 before it was canceled. The 2002 movie made more than $60 million at the U.S. box office.


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