Vegas magazine to launch

Publisher hopes readers will like sexy take on Sin City lifestyle

— "Vegas is an attitude, a hormone," says Michael Carr, a former president of Playboy's publishing division. "It's a level of energy, mystique, sensuality that lives in a person's heart no matter where they are."

So Carr, now vice president of business development for Greenspun Media Group, has teamed up with the publisher of the hip Miami magazine Ocean Drive, to create a glossy magazine called Vegas. It hits newsstands this month in seven major U.S. cities, including New York, Los Angeles and Chicago.

It's aimed at "people who have either made it or (are) on their way to making it," said Jerry Powers, publisher of Ocean Drive. "We want to cover the Leonardo DiCaprios who go there on the weekend."

The magazine's launch comes at a time when the Strip is shedding its buffet, family-friendly image and opting for a reputation as a sexy playground to the stars.

Among the features: "Celebs Who Play Here." Other stories will focus on Vegas hot spots.


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