Review: Game Boy Player - Gamecube

When you're not on the go, play your Game Boy games on your TV

Monday, July 7, 2003

I remember years ago thinking how cool it would be to play all my Game Boy games on TV. It's finally a reality. And it's only $49.99 or free, yes free, when you buy a Gamecube, for a limited time.

The peripheral snaps into place on the bottom of your Gamecube via one of the high-speed ports. Modem users, have no fear, it won't interfere with the placement of the modem. With two screws already in place you can easily screw in with a fingernail or coin, the Game Boy player in locked and ready to go. It takes less than one minute to install.


Simply put one of over 1200 Game Boy, Game Boy Color or Game Boy Advance games in the slot, load the provided boot disc into the Gamecube and power on. It's that simple.

You can use the regular Gamecube controller for all games. A, B, Start, L and R are all the same function, with X&Y functioning as the select button. You may also use the Game Boy Advance to control the games via the GBA Link cable, but there is really no reason to.

A big worry most people have is how pixilated the 240X160 Game Boy image will look on a big TV. Fortunately, the anti-aliasing and scaling function of the Game Boy Player does a remarkable job. Pixelization is minimal. It won't quite fill out your screen on the default mode. You can stretch it to full but you might see slight pixelization, but it wasn't a major difference. If you choose the default mode, you can choose from 20 different borders for the screen. But since there isn't much difference, you will most likely choose to stretch the image to the screen.

One thing that is immediately noticeable is how much brighter the colors are. Even if you have a Game Boy Advance SP, the images will seem brighter. Developers have to use brighter colors to enhance images for Game Boys so everything can be seen. Now that you can put it on your TV, this tactic is obvious. In the Castlevania games in particular, the "dark" spots aren't quite as dark. But it's nothing a brightness adjustment can't remedy.


The player does support progressive scan 480p for capable TVs. There is also a filter you can switch on that eliminates flicker problems that would occur on the technology transfer from the small screen to a TV.

The GB Player only comes in black, so those who really wanted the ugly purple are out of luck.

The installation couldn't be easier and the value can't be understated, technically adding over 1200 games to the Gamecube's library.

Overall: A