Nary an intern left uncovered

Little Rock, Ark. -- Touring her husband's half-finished presidential library for the first time, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton said she wouldn't try to censor how the museum portrays history.

Asked if she wants any of the names or subjects that dogged Bill Clinton's presidency left out of the museum exhibits, the former first lady for Arkansas and the nation responded: "No, of course not. This is part of history."

Clinton, D-N.Y., spent about 12 minutes walking the construction site for the first time since she participated in site selection in 1997.

Her first word as she gazed upon the 150,000-square-foot museum structure: "Fabulous."

Quality, not quantity airtime

Los Angeles -- Rob Lowe thought he had unfinished business when he left the NBC drama "The West Wing" last season after a contract dispute.

"There were things that I didn't get to accomplish," he told the Television Critics Assn. last week.

So Lowe eagerly accepted the chance to star in and co-executive produce "The Lyon's Den," a legal drama set in Washington, D.C., airing Sundays on NBC this fall.

Lowe, who played White House deputy communications director Sam Seaborn, left "The West Wing" after producers declined to give him more money.

"It was never about screen time for me," the 39-year-old actor said. "I found that Sam was having less and less to do with the stories on the show that were really important. Every week on this show, I'm going to be involved in a story with some real heft to it."

Close call for horror star

Ruch, Ore.-- Bruce Campbell, an actor whose credits include "Evil Dead," "Hercules," "Xena, Warrior Princess" and "Spider-Man," suffered minor injuries in a weekend accident.

Campbell, 45, of Jacksonville, was driving late Saturday when his car was struck by a Jeep driven by 36-year-old Steven M. Sellars of Medford.

Campbell, who has a cult following among horror film buffs, was treated at a local hospital and released.

The Jackson County Sheriff's Department cited Sellars, who is in critical condition with head injuries, for driving under the influence of intoxicants and assault.

Reality dating with a bite

Los Angeles -- Kathy Griffin can't get enough of reality television.

The actress and comedian, who won ABC's "Celebrity Mole" earlier this year, has a new gig as host of a proposed NBC reality relationship series "Average Joe."

Griffin serves as confidante to a woman who moves into a Palm Springs estate and begins dating 16 men with admittedly average looks. The show is not yet on NBC's fall schedule.

"I just love watching real people," Griffin told the Television Critics Assn. last week. "Real people are just endlessly fascinating. As an actress working in this industry and who looks like me, I can't get enough of it. I'm so sick of those 'Friends,' I could barely watch it anymore. They're all so perfect and gorgeous and wonderful."


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