Major League Gaming readies for 2003-2004 season

Are you a professional gamer? Prove it this season.

Major League Gaming is real and it is here.

The 2003 - 2004 season will bring Major League Gaming to 10 cities across the country from October 2003 through May 2004. The closest stops to Lawrence are Chicago and Dallas. The dates will be announced soon.


Three of the four event games have been announced so far. They are Halo for Xbox, Madden 2004 for PS2 and Gran Turismo 3 for PS2. Gamers can logon to to vote for the fourth game for the upcoming season.

MLG also does college tours and are currently taking requests for colleges to come to. Click here to request MLG to come to KU.

Tournaments are bracket style and you can win your way up to Regionals and Nationals and ink an endorsement deal if you are good enough.


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