NBC keeps dating game rocked by military scandal

— NBC was standing by its man Monday, despite a report that the bachelor star of its new dating game had been expelled from a military program for drunkenly groping the breasts of a female Navy officer.

NBC and Nash Entertainment, producer of the summer reality show "For Love or Money," said they were unaware of the incident before casting.

The second of six episodes was to air Monday night. It stars Rob Campos, a 33-year-old lawyer who chooses a potential mate from 15 women. At the show's end, the woman will be asked to choose between Campos and a $1 million prize.

While in a military judge's training program in Rhode Island in 1999, Campos knocked on the door of a female acquaintance late one night, according to a report on the Web site The Smoking Gun, which has specialized in uncovering embarrassing incidents in the pasts of reality TV stars.

He was let in her suite and began grabbing the 27-year woman's breasts. She kneed him in the groin, he collapsed, and she fled the room, the report said. He then allegedly vomited all over the woman's bathroom.

Campos was expelled from his training program and ordered to undergo substance abuse treatment. The incident effectively ended his military career, the Web site said.

"I have apologized to NBC and Nash for not informing them about the incident," Campos said in a statement issued Monday by NBC. "I had believed that it was a private matter that had been resolved."

NBC did not make Campos available, and he did not object to any of the facts outlined by The Smoking Gun. He said he didn't believe the incident was relevant to his participation in the show.

NBC disagreed: "Clearly, this would have been material information during the screening process," the network said in a statement.

The network said the incident was not found in any of the public records checked before Campos was cast and he didn't tell anyone.

Production of the show has already been completed.


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