'Lizzie' knows it's not easy being 'tween

Friday, June 13, 2003

The end is near for the "Lizzie McGuire" (6:30 p.m., Disney) franchise. The wildly popular show's doom was all but sealed after iconic 'tween star Hilary Duff and her manager/mother engaged in a public tiff with the Mickey Mouse empire. So tonight's half-hour story is one of "Lizzie's" last.

Corporate malfeasance looms large in tonight's episode when a finance company sends an unsolicited credit card to Lizzie's pal Gordo (Adam Lamberg). Not even the levelheaded Gordo can resist the temptation of a $5,000 line of credit. The formerly sensible tightwad goes wild and uses the card to bankroll his own sci-fi movie. The project spins out of control after his cast of pals begins to behave like spoiled stars. Are the creators of "Lizzie McGuire" trying to tell us something?

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