Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Stones rally for Toronto

Toronto - The Rolling Stones are scheduled to headline a July 30 outdoor concert to boost tourism in Toronto and southern Ontario after the SARS outbreak.

Other performers at the show, which the rock band and city leaders announced Tuesday, will include The Guess Who, AC/DC and Justin Timberlake. Tickets will cost $16.

Stung by a dearth of visitors in the crucial spring and summer tourism seasons, particularly from the United States, Ontario and Toronto officials have worked for weeks to organize an event they hope will draw hundreds of thousands of people.

"The people here know Toronto is a great city," Mayor Mel Lastman said in announcing the concert. "The people here know Toronto is a safe city. After the Stones play here, the entire world will know it."

Streisand claims privacy invaded

Los Angeles - A photographer Barbra Streisand is suing for putting photos of her Malibu estate on the Internet asked a court to dismiss the entertainer's action on grounds that it infringes on his right to free expression.

Lawyers for Kenneth Adelman also said in documents filed Monday that his photo of the property, along with more than 12,000 other aerial images posted on a Web site, "address a matter of serious public concern the preservation of the California coastline."

A Superior Court hearing on the motion was scheduled for July 14.

Streisand's lawsuit, filed May 20, seeks $10 million from Adelman and others for violating her right to privacy by identifying routes to enter her property and providing details on the residence's features that can't be seen from a public vantage point.

Streisand claims privacy invaded

New York - Snoop Dogg isn't wild about "Girls Gone Wild" anymore.

The rapper, who appeared as the host on one of the raunchy strip videos, said he's done with the series because it doesn't feature women of color.

Snoop Dogg, whose real name is Calvin Broadus, said he planned to do his own version of "Girls Gone Wild" to satisfy women of color waiting for their chance to go topless for the camera.

"They've been complaining to me like crazy," the 31-year-old rapper said. "They think I like the white girls because I'm on there with them, and I don't, I just did that for money."

Age doesn't matter

New York - It is the time of the cradle-robbing flingsters older women with a discerning eye for studly young dudes. First came Demi Moore, 40, dating Ashton Kutcher, 25. Now Cameron Diaz, 30, is sporting around with Justin Timberlake, 22.

The "Charlie's Angels" star and the boy singer first hooked up in April at the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards in Los Angeles, the New York Daily News says.

Of course, her rep is spouting the requisite "they're just good friends" line, but no one's buying. A friend of Timberlake's asks: "If you could go out with Cameron Diaz, wouldn't you?"