6News video: Screen Scene

Although rabble-rouser Michael Moore won this year's documentary Oscar for "Bowling for Columbine," one of his rival nominees may be the superior film. "Spellbound," which opens in Lawrence today, observes the National Spelling Bee by focusing on a handful of stressed-out, eighth-grade contestants. More than just a competitive spectacle, the film stands as a microcosm of America -- and in many respects, an essay on the American Dream.

Also opening is "Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle," a lightweight but entertaining follow-up to the lightweight but entertaining original from three years ago. This time Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu take on an Angel gone bad, played by the recently un-retired Demi Moore.

And finally, there's "28 Days Later" -- which is thankfully NOT a sequel to the Sandra Bullock rehab atrocity. No, this is "Trainspotting" director Danny Boyle's graphic and unsettling zombie movie. When a young Londoner awakens after a coma he discovers that a "rage virus" has infected the planet and its victims are on the prowl.


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