What are you reading?

Jimmie Bowser, unemployed, Lawrence

"I'm reading a book in a series that I started called The Left Behind series. It's like a Biblical thing. I'm reading the next-to-last book in the series."

Aislynn Barnett, sophomore at Topeka High School, Topeka

"I just finished 'A Lesson Before Dying.' It's pretty good. It was really sad."

Olli Valanne, retired, Lawrence

"I'm reading Bill Bryson's popular history of the United States."

Chris Rathnel, driver for Lawrence Transit system, Lawrence

"It's called 'Paris to the Moon' by Adam Gopnik. It's a book of essays about cultural comparison. It's a few years old, but it's a really enjoyable read."

Ruth Pera, massage therapist, Lindsborg

"I just finished 'Blessings' by Anna Quindlen. Good book."


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