Lange says warnings are meant to intimidate

They can't scare Jessica Lange away.

Entertainment industry insiders for weeks have suggested that actors who rant against U.S. policy in Iraq risk alienating their fans or losing lucrative endorsement contracts.

But Lange says such stories are merely "scare tactics designed to make people shy away from speaking out."

"They're hollow threats," Lange said this week at the premiere of "Normal," an HBO drama about transgender issues. "It doesn't occur to me to consider that when I'm speaking out because I feel so strongly about this that nothing would deter me."

Lange was one of several celebs who recently delivered an antiwar petition -- signed by more than 1 million people -- to the U.S. mission to the United Nations. "The Bush administration is hellbent on this, and I think they have been since last September," the two-time Oscar winner said. "Nothing that the other religious or political leaders in the world say seems to affect the drive they're on."

For her part, Jane Anderson, the director and writer of "Normal," said she isn't worried Lange's sentiments would affect viewership of the drama, which stars Tom Wilkinson as a man awakening to the realization he would rather be a woman.

"Heck," Anderson said, "I worked with Vanessa Redgrave on my last project."


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