Monday, March 31, 2003

Filmmaker hears drug stories

Los Angeles -- A documentary filmmaker was surprised by the candor of the movie stars he interviewed for a film about how Hollywood deals with the subject of drug abuse.

Bruce Sinofsky, whose AMC documentary "Hollywood High" was scheduled to air today, said director Oliver Stone admitted trying the hallucinogen peyote to get inspiration for "The Doors," the story of rocker Jim Morrison.

Sinofsky said Willem Dafoe told him the star and his friends used to get high to watch Disney's animated "Fantasia" when they were young.

"What I didn't expect was the honesty, the truthful interviews I was doing. I didn't expect them to be talking about their own drug experiences that openly," Sinofsky said.

Zora comes home

Lambertville, N.J. -- Joe Millionaire's girlfriend Zora Andrich got a royal welcome when she returned to her former hometown.

About 300 fans turned out Saturday to celebrate "Zora Day," honoring the local girl who made good on Fox's reality television series "Joe Millionaire."

The guest of honor rode a horse-drawn carriage along Main Street and then signed autographs at a restaurant for two hours.

Andrich beat out 20 other women to win the affections of Evan Marriott, a construction worker who the contestants believed was a millionaire. Andrich impressed viewers with her wholesome character.

Ringo takes 'spiritual plane'

Los Angeles -- Ringo Starr has just released his latest album, "Ringo Rama," but the former Beatle says his first love will always be playing for audiences.

"Sometimes it's the most spiritual plane that you ever get to," Starr said. "On certain nights there is nothing better. So I'm blessed as long as I can hold the sticks."

The new album, which includes a tribute to former Beatle bandmate George Harrison, comes after a period of loss for the drummer. His first wife, Maureen, died in 1995. Three years later, longtime friend Linda McCartney died, and close confidant Harrison died in 2001.