CBS schedules 7 new shows

— Top-rated CBS will make some bold changes in the fall, moving two of its most popular shows and adding seven series, including three crime-fighting dramas to a schedule already heavy with them.

The new series include Joe Pantoliano, the actor who lost his head in "The Sopranos," as an FBI agent and Charlie Sheen as a bachelor with a Malibu beach house.

In the fall, CBS will shift "The King of Queens" from Monday to Wednesday and bump "JAG" from Tuesday to Friday.

With "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation," the nation's favorite program, CBS is riding the genre hard.The new "Navy CIS," about special agents fighting crimes within the military, is described as a cross between "JAG" and "CSI." It will take the time slot "JAG" is vacating.

Pantoliano leads "The Handler," training FBI undercover agents in Los Angeles.

CBS is also abandoning comedy on Sundays for "Cold Case," a drama about a Philadelphia detective assigned to track unsolved crimes.

"Becker" and "My Big Fat Greek Life" were canceled. "Star Search" wasn't on the schedule but may return in a limited run.

With "Touched By an Angel" recently ending its long run, CBS is introducing "Joan of Arcadia," about a teenage girl who has sudden, unexpected conversations with God. Joe Mantegna and Mary Steenburgen play her parents.

Sheen's comedy, called "Two and a Half Men," will move into the time slot behind "Everybody Loves Raymond." Jon Cryer co-stars as Sheen's newly divorced brother.

Other new CBS series:

  • "The Brotherhood of Poland, N.H.," a small-town drama created by David Kelley, about three close-knit brothers. Randy Quaid stars as the town's police captain.
  • "The Stones," features Robert Klein in a comedy about two adult siblings living in their childhood home with their divorcing parents.


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