Friday, May 16, 2003

Fleiss' ex-fiancee faces charges

Los Angeles -- Prosecutors have charged actor Tom Sizemore with hitting, harassing and threatening his ex-fiancee, Heidi Fleiss, over the past year.

The former Hollywood madam reportedly is a witness in an unrelated domestic violence case against Sizemore.

Prosecutors filed 16 misdemeanor charges Wednesday against Sizemore, including counts for intimidation of a witness, vandalism, threatening to inflict injury to a person or property, corporal injury resulting in a traumatic condition, and making obscene phone calls.

The television program "Celebrity Justice" reported that Sizemore, 41, allegedly left messages on Fleiss' answering machine threatening to knock out her teeth, kill her and harm members of her family.

In December CBS canceled the series "Robbery Homicide Division" in which Sizemore starred as a detective, because of poor ratings. Network officials said the move was unrelated to the actor's arrest.

Berry breaks arm in filming

Los Angeles -- Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry broke her right arm while filming a scene for the supernatural thriller "Gothika" in Canada, a publicist for the movie said Thursday.

Berry, 34, was filming "one of the more physically demanding scenes" when she was hurt Wednesday, said Joe Everett, a spokesman for the Warner Bros. production.

Berry broke her ulna, a long bone in the forearm, and was treated at a Montreal hospital and released, Everett said.

The movie was in its fifth week of a nine-week shoot. It was unclear when she might return to the set. Berry plays a criminal psychologist who wakes up to find that she is accused of murdering her husband and is a patient in the asylum where she works.

"Gothika" is set for release in October.

Madonna suit may be dismissed

Los Angeles -- A judge heard arguments about whether a breach of contract lawsuit against Madonna and her husband should be thrown out of court because an opposing lawyer missed a hearing.

The lawsuit alleges that Madonna and her director husband, Guy Ritchie, broke a contract involving their film flop "Swept Away" when they didn't compensate the person who claims he brought them the idea.

The judge also considered a request that attorney Morris Getzels pay more than $1,000 to compensate opposing lawyers for the cost of appearing at an April 1 hearing that he failed to attend.

Getzels represents Vincent D'Onofrio -- not the actor -- who filed the lawsuit in October.

The lawsuit alleges that Vincent D'Onofrio brought Madonna and Ritchie the idea of remaking Lina Wertmuller's 1974 film about a rich woman and a sailor who are stranded together on an island. The lawsuit claims he was denied credit and compensation.