French designer's corset included in Classique fragrance

Jean Paul Gaultier's famous corset makes a shiny appearance as part of his Classique fragrance. Gaultier is the French-sailor-shirt-wearing designer who achieved pop culture prominence in 1990 when Madonna wore one of his underwear-as-outerwear dresses.

This Classique scent -- termed So Classique -- is a blend of rose, star anise, vanilla, woody amber and ylang-ylang. The shapely bottle is encased in a silver and copper-toned corset. It's autographed, of course, although the shape shouts Gaultier.


You've waxed -- now what?: Before you zip up your weekend bag and take off for the beach, the folks at Avon Salon & Spa want to make sure you are fully prepared. Bathing suit? Check. Bikini wax? Check. Eliza's Intimate Essentials Bikini Kit?


You see, according to Avon, getting a bikini wax is no longer enough. One must maintain it. The kit contains safety scissors, an exfoliating brush and Eliza's Soothing Blue Oil to ease the after effects of touch ups.


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