Review: Game Boy Advance - Golden Sun: The Lost Age

Bigger and better than the first Golden Sun? Our review.

With over 40 hours of gameplay and unlockables from porting your original Golden Sun data, The Lost Age proves it is the franchise RPG series for the Game Boy Advance.


The perfect sequel.

Golden Sun: The Lost Age furthers the storyline of the first Golden Sun, a smash hit in 2000. Newcomers will be enveloped in the dazzling world of Weyard, while the familiar will appreciate how the new game builds upon the first, while also providing the opportunity to upload character attributes.

In the first Golden Sun, two members of the Mars clan, Saturos and Menardi, succeeded in lighting two of the lighthouses before being defeated by a brave group of warriors led by Isaac. In Golden Sun: The Lost Age, a new party seeks to light the last two lighthouses.

Djinn (singular Djinni) are creatures much like Adepts that are each associated with an element: Venus (earth), Mercury (water), Mars (fire) and Jupiter (wind). Effectively managing Djinn may be the most important path to success in the game, with most being most effective pairing them with an adept of the same element.

I must say the story gets good with a few twists, but the same loads and loads of text can get REAL tiring. At times it would take almost 15 minutes to get through a section of story...and that's speed reading.


The graphics are among the best for GBA

That being said, the turn based combat is just as engrossing as the previous Golden Sun, but there is nothing overwhelmingly new about the game. Think of it as Golden Sun: Vice City, if you will. There are tons of items to find once you complete the game. The shelf life of the Golden Sun series is always high.

The graphics are last generation, but still great for the Advance. The sound is much better this time around, with cleaner clanging and bashing sounds, taking good use of the hardware. Of course, the best way to listen to your Advnace is through good in-ear headphones.

I had the same amount of enjoyment out of Lost Age, which is what I expected. You should expect the same.

Graphics: B+
Sound: A-
Gameplay: A
Replay Value: B+
Overall: A- 90%


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