Saturday, May 24, 2003

Needle-wielding designer sued

New York -- A Manhattan bridesmaid has filed a lawsuit against gown maker Vera Wang, claiming she was severely injured when she stepped on a needle at the designer's Upper East Side boutique.

Melissa Brennan's lawsuit, filed in State Supreme Court in Manhattan Wednesday, seeks $2 million in damages.

The 27-year-old claims it was unsafe to walk around in the store because of "pins, needles and other sewing supplies" on the floor when she was being fitted for a dress in November.

Brennan's lawyer, Max Leifer, said a needle was lodged in his client's foot for about a week until she underwent surgery to have it removed.

'Jackass' busted in Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden -- One of the stars of MTV's "Jackass" was arrested in Sweden after admitting he swallowed a condom filled with marijuana, police said Friday.

Stephen Glover -- known as Steve-O on the now-defunct series -- was arrested Thursday after police raided his hotel room in Stockholm. Glover and other "Jackass" regulars had performed their "Don't Try This at Home" show in the Swedish capital Wednesday night.

Prosecutor Gunnar Fjaestad said the raid happened after Glover said he swallowed the condom as a stunt.

On his Web site, the performer wrote that he swallowed the condom and was "stoned as can be and overjoyed with the success" of the stunt. It was dated May 22.

Glover, 28, could face charges of narcotics smuggling and possession of illegal drugs. A detention hearing is scheduled for the weekend.

McCartney back in former USSR

St. Petersburg, Russia -- Paul McCartney, who ruffled the West when he co-wrote the Beatles' "Back in the USSR," visited Russia, 35 years after the song's debut.

McCartney and his wife, Heather Mills, attended a ceremony Thursday at the St. Petersburg Conservatory, Russia's oldest musical institution, where the 60-year-old singer-composer was named an honorary professor.

Despite the conservatory's high-culture aura -- luminaries such as Dmitri Shostakovich studied there -- the audience greeted McCartney with applause as loud as any pop star could want.

McCartney said visiting Russia was "my dream come true. I heard many stories of Russia and imagined Russian people being mysterious and cold, but now I know more."

Band plans benefit for climber

Aspen, Colo. -- The String Cheese Incident is planning a benefit concert for Aron Ralston, the Aspen climber who amputated his right arm after being pinned by an 800-pound boulder during a solo hike in Utah.

The July 5 concert will be staged at New Mexico's Paolo Soleri Amphitheater in Santa Fe, where Ralston saw his first show by the jam band.

"The String Cheese Incident is inspired by Aron's strength and spirit, and happy for the opportunity to help Aron during his recovery," the band's Web site says.

The 27-year-old Ralston, who has been to nearly 50 of the band's shows since 2000, wore a String Cheese T-shirt during his first meeting with reporters after being hospitalized in Grand Junction.