GameCube market share doubles

GameCube sales quadruple while sales of Xbox and Playstation 2 continue to decline

In just 35 days of availability at a new price of $99.99, Nintendo's GameCube has more than quadrupled its sales rate and grabbed 18 points of market share from Sony and Microsoft.

Nintendo announced today that sales figures gathered from the nation's largest retailers show that the GameCube effectively doubled its market share to 37 percent from 19 percent. The system now runs a strong second in the U.S. market as it challenges for leadership during the important holiday sales season.

"In a tough economy, we've found the sweet spot on pricing, and players are grabbing Nintendo GameCube systems off the shelves at the fastest rate since the console's debut," says George Harrison, senior vice president of marketing and corporate communications, Nintendo of America. "With an $80 price advantage over other systems and the impending launch of the mega-hit Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, this offer is just too good to resist."

Harrison announced the dramatic sales figures today during Harris Nesbitt Gerard's Playtime 2003 Investor Conference in New York. Nintendo has been on a roll
on a number of fronts and the statistics bear this out.

When combined with the Game Boy® Advance SP, Nintendo is responsible for half of all system sales to date in 2003. In addition, Nintendo game systems are the only ones to show a year-to-date increase in sales compared with 2002. Game Boy Advance sales are up 25 percent from 2002, while Nintendo GameCube sales are 2 percent above last year. In contrast, sales for Microsoft's Xbox dropped 3 percent and Sony's PlayStation 2 dropped 17.5 percent.

To keep the momentum going, Nintendo's holiday lineup includes a strong series of games, including Mario Kart®: Double Dash!!/¢, 1080°®: Avalanche and Mario Party® 5.

More than 320 games for the Nintendo GameCube and 550 games for the Game Boy Advance will be available by the end of the year.


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