Rush Limbaugh to resume radio program Monday

— Rush Limbaugh will return to his radio talk show Monday after completing a five-week treatment program for his addiction to painkillers, his brother said Wednesday.

David Limbaugh made the announcement to Internet personality Matt Drudge, who was sitting in Wednesday for the conservative commentator.

Limbaugh left the air Oct. 10 after acknowledging that he had been abusing prescription painkillers.

Limbaugh plans to resume his regular schedule, leading his three-hour show on weekdays for his audience of 20 million, his brother said.

"He's obviously champing at the bit to get back to doing what he does best," David Limbaugh said.

Rush Limbaugh said last month that he was checking himself into a treatment center to "once and for all break the hold this highly addictive medication has on me."

His brother said the host successfully completed the first phase of his treatment. He did not say what the next step was.

Limbaugh's admission to drug addiction came several days after the National Enquirer ran a story that quoted his maid as saying she was his drug connection. She said Limbaugh had abused OxyContin and other drugs.

A law enforcement source in Palm Beach County, where Limbaugh owns a $24 million oceanfront mansion, said Wednesday that an investigation into Limbaugh's drug use by the state attorney's office continues.


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