Pax tale is true fish out of water

Saturday, November 15, 2003

Sisterhood is powerful -- even under the sea. That's the muddled message of the decidedly odd TV movie "Mermaids" (8 p.m. today, Pax). A botched combination of "Splash" and "Charlie's Angels," this fish tale begins as some ornery anglers use dynamite to bring home their chicken of the sea. These callous bad guys wind up killing a male mermaid (or merman, for you landlubbers), the father of one tough mermaid, Diana (Erika Heynatz). He's no relation to Ethel Merman, by the way.

After dad's death, Diana decides to seek out her two sisters, who have decided to take a little sabbatical on dry land. Venus (Nikita Ager) shakes her tail in a seedy bar with an aquatic dancing tank. June (Sarah Laine) works at an aquarium where she harbors a crush on the local harbormaster.

The sisters' effort to avenge their father's murder becomes a two-hour excuse to show off their shapely fins and scales. Just when did the chaste Pax network sign off on this soggy piece of saltwater cheesecake?

Filled with interviews of friends and survivors, including his brother Sen. Ted Kennedy, Defense Secretary Robert McNamara and biographer Richard Reeves, "Revealed" left me more confused than ever about contradictory Kennedy myths and scandals.

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