6News video: Screen Scene

Saturday, November 29, 2003

Rarely has a holiday movie with the word Santa in the title ever been so unsuitable for kids. Such is the case with "Bad Santa," a hilarious, profane, really dark, dark comedy that stars Billy Bob Thornton as part of a Santa and elf team who rob the department stores where they are hired to work. "Ghost World" director Terry Zwigoff takes this potential one-joke premise and turns it into a modern comedic classic.

Also opening this week is "The Missing," which finds Tommy Lee Jones and Cate Blanchett as an estranged father and daughter who reunite to save their kidnapped kin from an Apache witch.

For the kids there is "Haunted Mansion," the latest Disney ride to be given the big-screen treatment. Eddie Murphy plays a workaholic realtor who learns he should spend more time with the family after touring a haunted house.

And finally, there is "Timeline," which follows a group of archaeology students that is sent back to the 14th century to rescue a mentor and gets caught up in a medieval siege.