Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Anderson living with killer

New York -- Pamela Anderson says hepatitis C, which she was diagnosed with in 2001, will probably kill her in a decade.

"I think I've got a good 10 years left in me, which is sad, too. Maybe 15, if I'm lucky," Anderson tells Us Weekly magazine in a first-person story for the Nov. 3 issue.

"It's scary, but lately I've been feeling great. For some reason, my liver keeps getting healthier."

Hepatitis C causes inflammation of the liver, which can lead to cirrhosis, liver cancer and liver failure. About 3.9 million Americans have the disease.

The 36-year-old actress, who starred in the TV shows "Baywatch" and "V.I.P.," also says she's no longer planning to marry singer Kid Rock, to whom she got engaged in April 2002.

John announces Vegas deal

Las Vegas -- Elton John has signed a three-year, multimillion-dollar deal to perform 75 shows at Caesars Palace beginning in February.

The 56-year-old singer will perform with his band five times a week at the Palace's Colosseum for five weeks a year in a deal reported to be worth more than $50 million.

Tickets for the first series of performances, scheduled for Feb. 13-22, go on sale today and are priced at $250, $175 and $100.

The $95 million, 4,100-seat Colosseum was built for singer Celine Dion and her extravaganza show "A New Day." It has included performances by Mariah Carey, Tim McGraw and Gloria Estefan. Jerry Seinfeld is scheduled in December.

John will perform his show, "The Red Piano," when Dion is on vacation from her three-year, $100 million contract.

Slim Shady beats the rap

Detroit -- Who says the Michigan justice system doesn't have a sense of humor? Not only did Macomb County Circuit Judge Deborah Servitto dismiss a defamation suit filed by D'Angelo Bailey, a former schoolmate of rapper Eminem, she included a 10-stanza rhyme as a footnote.

But we digress, you must wait for the rest. In the $1 million lawsuit, filed in December 2001, Bailey contended that Eminem damaged Bailey's career as an aspiring rapper by depicting him as a bully in the song "Brain Damage" from "The Slim Shady LP."

Servitto disagreed, calling the lyrics "stories no one would take as fact, they're an exaggeration of a childish act. It is therefore this court's ultimate position, that Eminem is entitled to summary disposition."

Musician Cliff honored

Kingston, Jamaica -- Jamaica honored Jimmy Cliff with the Order of Merit award, one of Jamaica's highest honors, for his work in film and music.

"It's great to be appreciated by your own," Cliff, 55, said Monday after accepting the medal.

Several of his songs, including "The Harder They Come" and "Many Rivers to Cross," are considered reggae classics.

Cliff, whose real name is James Chambers, also starred in the 1973 film "The Harder They Come."