Poet's showcase: Dad Speech Number Nine

He says, daylight savings killed
the drive-in. It's early spring. Morning.
We're driving lumps out of the tires
on his rusted green Ford.

Used to be a family could go
see a show, Bambi at 8,
Rambo at 10, popcorn, hotdogs,
soda pop, beer, 10 bucks, he says.

Our progress creates friction,
holds us, beltless, to the splitting
seat, heats the rubber wheels,
rounds out edges.

Can't buy family nights
like that anymore. You want to
take them to a movie -- 25
bucks -- no sweets, no treats, no beer.

We're driving fast now. Two
lane highway, curves, low bridges, no
cars, just tractors, trucks and
grasshoppers on the windshield.

Don't know why they want to save
the light. Seems there's enough,
he says, and slowing the truck,
turns back home.

Poet's Showcase features work by area poets. Submit your poetry via e-mail with a subject line of Poet's Showcase to mpaget@ljworld.com or send typewritten (not handwritten) submissions to Mindie Paget, 645 N.H., Lawrence 66044, attn: Poet's Showcase.


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