60 years

Scary story contest entry

Cutting through the graveyard on the way home after a school dance, a girl named Elena tripped over a headstone. It said R.I.P. Julia Smith.

Then Elena found a note that wasn't there before. It read, "If you trip over this headstone, I will haunt you for 60 years."

So Elena ran for her life, until she met this mysterious girl.

Elena said, "I haven't seen you before. Are you new?"

"NO," Julia said. "I'm your worst nightmare!"

Elena screamed for her life and ran. Julia started chasing her until a car hit her. Then Elena walked up to her, and Julia grabbed her leg.

Elena tried to kick, but it was no use; she was doomed for life.

Julia said, "I won't kill you until 60 years are up." She laughed and disappeared.

Sixty years later, cutting through a graveyard on the way home after a school dance, a boy tripped over Elena's headstone. The note next to it read, "I will haunt you for 60 years, just like Julia haunted me."

So who knows what will happen next when someone is cutting through a graveyard after a school dance? AND SOMEONE HAUNTS YOU?


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