A confession

Scary story contest entry

About fifteen years ago, right about 8 o'clock at night that set the town of Lawrence on fire. A prized citizen of 15th and Iowa was murdered in a brutal fashion. His name was Charles McKenzie, originally from Kansas City, Missouri. He was nominated Citizen of The Year of all the hard work does, of things he does to help the community, a real upstanding citizen if you think about it. He was found in his home by his wife when she was coming home late one night, only to find his upper body eviscerated from his lower body. There was also blood-writing on the wall next to it saying:


Even with this threat, she stayed right there and dialed for the police, ambulance, the works. While she was calling for emergencies, she began to remember all the things she did with McKenzie. It was after graduation down in Humansville, Missouri at the high school for the seniors. And seeing how it was part of school tradition, all seniors went out to have the time of their lives. In their limo, Charles and Luanne (the wife's name) were seen cutting through a graveyard on the way home after the school dance. The limo accidentally hit a gravestone. The driver stepped out and said that they weren't going anywhere until a tow truck arrived. The front was slightly banged up, but the radiator sprung a leak and the carburetor was shot. About two minutes later, all three heard a noise. It sounded like a "thump" like something hit the ground. Something did. IT WAS THE DRIVER'S HEAD. Charles didn't see it first, but the next thing he knew, he heard Luanne screaming with mass hysteria. It was decided between the two that they had to get out of the graveyard. Neither murder was ever solved. And to this day, they NEVER were. Do you know why? That's because the gravestone the limo hit was my own. And I WAS THE ONE WHO KILLED THEM ALL!!!

HA, HA, HA, HA, HA...

Daniel Studley is a senior at Free State High School


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