A Dark Figure

Scary story contest entry

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Cutting through the graveyard on the way home after a school dance, I thought I saw a dark figure scurry across the path I was walking on. I thought it was hiding behind an old, chipped gravestone covered with moss a few yards away. I heard some weird clicking noises in that direction, so I walked on thinking it was a squirrel or something. Then in the corner of my eye, I saw it again. I stopped to look at what it might be. It was weird! Its eyes sort of glowed in the moonlight like a cat's eyes in the dark. It looked like it was standing on two feet trying to hide behind a stone. I walked over to see what it was but I kept a safe distance, then it looked like it was trying to get up from kneeling behind the gravestone it was trying to hind behind. I looked away a little not knowing what to do, but when it got up from hiding, it looked like a tall, skinny gorilla standing on its hind legs, so I started to run. I wasn't sure what it was or if it was dangerous. While I was running, I heard a loud noise behind me like it was roaring or something. I looked over my shoulder to see if it was chasing me and it was. You could see its eyes which were glowing a bright yellow and orange-ish color. I started to run as fast as I could bur I tripped over a tree root and fell to the ground. I rolled off my stomach and right there hovering over me was the thing that had chased me. It smelled like moldy gram crackers. It leaned back its head like someone who was yelling their loudest and it sounded like a lion's roar. Its arms started thrashing around. In the morning they found my wallet and a giant mound of raw meat.

David Hanson is a seventh-grader at Central Junior High School