Circus officials offer tips to prepare decorative clown face

— Clown costumes are a favorite of little trick-or-treaters, and circus clowns are among the coolest.

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus offers this "recipe" to create a clown face at home using only a handful of ingredients, including white, red and black theatrical grease paint, eyeliner, powder, a cosmetic brush, and a headband or shower cap.

The steps are:

  • Take a long look at your face and decide what kind of clown you want to be.
  • Next, to keep grease paint out of your hair, find a headband or, if you prefer, wear a cap, beanie, the crown of an old felt hat or a shower cap.
  • For the "clown white" grease paint, use your fingers to cover your face and neck (both front and back) making sure to spread it evenly without applying too thick. Keep eyes closed when applying near the eye area, making sure someone else helps with this step. Smooth out the grease paint by flattening with your fingers.
  • With dry fingers, or a cleansing tissue, wipe grease paint from the areas you want to be red or black. Then carefully powder your face, making sure to close your eyes when powdering. Brush off excess powder.
  • You are now ready to apply the red and black grease paint to the nose, mouth and eyebrows using your finger, a small paintbrush or an eyebrow pencil. Powder again after each color is applied. For brushing, you may need to soften the stick paint with a bit of vegetable oil.


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