Dear Sylvia

Scary story contest entry

Cutting through the graveyard on the way home after a school dance, I was still singing song that I had heard at the dance when I came upon an empty grave. I was always cutting through the graveyard so this wouldn't have bothered me, but something peculiar caught my eye. The empty grave had a headstone. That could have either meant grave robbers, or worse. I saw a trail of footsteps starting at the grave. It trailed all the way to the creek just behind the graveyard. I walked along the trail, being careful not to disturb the tracks. The last thing I needed was some crazed ghost chasing after me. When I got to the creek, I didn't see anything, but then, something caught my eye. There was a broken glass bottle with a piece of paper that really stuck out to me. It was somewhat silver, not white. This was weird to me but I picked it up anyway. I read the message and was frightened when I read what it said. The message said:

Dear Sylvia,

I long for the day to have you back here with me. I sit through the days doing nothing but sobbing, waiting for the love of my life to come back to me. I hate to thing of you with him. I must get my revenge...

The end of the message was gone, leaving me stranded. The next thing I knew, I turned around and there was a trail of footsteps that weren't mine, or the previous ones. I was scared beyond all belief and I tried to run, but something was holding me back. I felt a hard blow to the head. I came back to "reality" years later, but I wasn't normal. I was dead.

Kelsey Richardson is a ninth-grader at Central Junior High School


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