Followed by a ghost

Scary story contest entry

When the sixth-grade dance ended at 8 p.m. on Halloween night all the kids rushed out of the gym and hopped into a car. Not Christy though; to get to her house all you had to do was run through the old cemetery. Christy wasn't scared, she would run as fast as she could and get home in no time. Christy started her trek right away, running past the first couple of gravestones without hesitation. An old tree root tripped her but she got up quickly. When Christy stood up she looked behind her and saw a white figure gliding towards her. The figure came closer and gave out a low pitched moan, it then disappeared. Christy ran faster hoping to get through the cemetery before it came back.

As she got farther from the entrance of the cemetery and closer to home Christy felt better, she had somehow cajoled herself into believing she had not seen a ghost, her eyes had just been playing tricks on her. All of a sudden the low pitched moan came again, Christy hurled herself around and looked where she dare not look; the ghost was behind her. "Chrisssstyyyy... come here." The ghost's voice was slow and icy. Christy found herself frozen to the ground, she felt as if she could not move. It was coming towards her, the ghost was picking up speed. A cold feeling rushed through her spine, the ghost had just passed through her. She fell to the hard ground. The ghost was now hovering over her. This is the end, Christy thought, the ghost was going to hurt her.

"Hey, said the ghost, in a much more lively tone, you left your keys when you fell down, I wanted to return them to you."

Nadia Hamid is a fifth grader at Quail Run


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